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What We Offer

Private VA Mentorship with Maggie & Text Support

1 hour 1:1 with Maggie includes identifying your goals for hiring, personalized task delegation ideas, support to address your questions & concerns with hiring a VA, a discussion on how to train best & retain your VA, as well as education & support.  

  • Proven Roadmap to identify tasks to delegate!

  • We take the guessing out of how to train & document identified tasks

  • Resources you didn’t even know you needed to make this easier!

  • Suggestions for pay, frequency, bonuses, etc.

  • Editable contract, etc. so you don’t have to recreate the wheel!

  • We opening the doors to how we stay organized & communicate so you can learn from our mistakes

Personalized VA Matchmaking with Maricor

Once you submit the form of the general tasks you want to delegate, Maricor will get to work matching you with the top 3 best VAs to meet your needs & your business goals! 60 days of client & VA support. ​

  • Interviews made easy

  • You don’t have to go it alone during the onboarding period. We’re here to support you & your VA during that sometimes uncertain time!

  • Avoid sifting through hundreds of resumes OR being stuck with only one choice!

Ongoing Client & VA Mentorship & Support via text, voice note, email & one 1:1 call per month from Maggie & Maricor .

Private VA Mentorship with Maggie to maximize your time, train & retain your current VA(s), including text & voice memo mentorship for 2 weeks following.

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Pricing Plans

  • Flat Fee

    1 time fee per VA hired
    • Client Preparation
    • Hiring Preparation
    • Personalized VA (Virtual Assistant) Matching
    • Guided Interview with the VAs
    • Editable Contract
    • Onboarding Support
    • Video and Document Resources
  • Private VA Mentorship with Maggie

    One time fee per consultation
    • How maximize your time, train & retain your current VA(s)
  • Ongoing Client, VA Mentorship & Support

    One 1:1 call per month from Maggie & Maricor
    Valid for one month
    • Text
    • Voice Note
    • Email
Pricing Plans
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